Growing Pains

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Most of the time I decide to note things down, I do it for myself. So if you come across some horrific grammar (which I highly doubt you won't) or a post that you disagree with, keep in mind it's really not at all for you. Same goes if you come across anything that strikes you fancy.

Overall, our first annual nursing White Coat Ceremony was really nice.

1) The fact that our college was chosen to be one of the first 100 colleges across the nation to be chosen for the first nursing White Coat Ceremony made me proud. By this time next year, they’re expecting 750 colleges to take part in this momentous ceremony.

2) This ceremony made me really excited to begin clinicals! I’m excited to experience, learn, and grow.. 

Any hair expert or dark brunette that’s had hair gloss/glaze treatment done before, please message me! I’m curious with a couple questions :)

Home alone.. I guess that means it’s time for me to study until I fall asleep?


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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