Growing Pains

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Most of the time I decide to note things down, I do it for myself. So if you come across some horrific grammar (which I highly doubt you won't) or a post that you disagree with, keep in mind it's really not at all for you. Same goes if you come across anything that strikes you fancy.

Hearing about the students trapped in the sinking ferry in South Korea really breaks my heart.. I think it’s more saddening for me personally because those are my people. I can’t imagine the panic that everyone is going through in Korea right now and how heartbreaking it must be. It’s more than just news to me.. that boat could have easily held one of my relatives.. one of my family’s friends.. It’s so tragic. I can’t even imagine what the families are all going through right now

I pray for peace and comfort for the families of the lost students.

Live to express, not to impress.. I like that.

I guess, moral of the story is.. take hold of the present. Life will slip right past you while you’re not looking. So instead of focusing on materialistic things that won’t matter later on and drowning in the cyber world, how much more valuable will my memories be if I start living in the present?

It’s so weird how you can be so distant from those you used to be so close to.. Even looking back at my main homies from years past, it reminds me of how fast time is flying and how odd this whole “growing up” thing is.
It’s scary to think that soon, in a couple years, I’m going to have to face the real world.. College is going by so fast. It feels like I’ve just begun, but to know that it’s already halfway gone is insane. I’m only at the beginning, yet I’m beginning to see that life goes by in the blink of an eye..
It’s just all unbelievable to me.

I still feel that smoking is so disgusting.. I mean, if you want to pay to slowly kill yourself, go right ahead.. just don’t come near me. I don’t wanna smell you!

I heard a while ago that Tangled and Frozen were linked together, but I had no idea even the Little Mermaid was involved!