Growing Pains

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Most of the time I decide to note things down, I do it for myself. So if you come across some horrific grammar (which I highly doubt you won't) or a post that you disagree with, keep in mind it's really not at all for you. Same goes if you come across anything that strikes you fancy.

So rudeeeeeeeeeeee my advisor should have emailed us all by now

On a good note, I’m so excited to go to Florida again! I was just there a month ago, but to go back with my family makes me super happy. The weather forecast looks great.. I’m looking forward to the sun :)

Facebook is so bad for your mentality.. even going on it for more than ten minutes a day seems to make a significant, negative impact. However, as annoying as it is, it seems as if I can never get away because all my organizations contact me through there.. meh.


when you think your cramps are finished but then


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Happy Easter to all my lovelies :)